Open Sky sometimes has difficulty finding local places for work experiences for participants, so we create small enterprises, or businesses, within which they can learn about how businesses are developed and run.

Community-Supported Agriculture (CSA): This Open Sky marketing program provides weekly seasonal food baskets to local consumers, prepared by Open Sky participants. Our farm produce is picked, cleaned, bundled and packaged for up to 24 different consumers, all within a tight timeframe. Participants build their capacity to work more quickly and accurately, and also have opportunities to provide customer services as they hand out baskets at the farm gate.

Sackville Farmer’s Market: During the summer season, Open Sky often has too much produce to use ourselves, so we set up a booth at the local Saturday market, hosted by program participants and their Mentor. Please drop by to say hello, purchase our beautiful products and provide participants a positive experience providing customer service!

Button-making during Covid-19: This little idea quickly turned into a small business, designed and led by participants. Thanks to funding from the Town of Sackville, Open Sky was able to purchase a button-making machine, so that participants can provide customers with pin-on buttons with their smiling faces on them. As we all wear masks, we will now be able to see who is underneath the mask by our buttons! The cost is $5 per button if you send in your good-quality digital photo; $10 if you would like us to take a good picture (you can also have the digital photo for your use too). Email us at to place your order, or for more information.

Piece-work for local businesses: Periodically, Open Sky participants are able to do small jobs for small businesses, supported by Open Sky mentors. If your workplace could use some assistance (packaging, stuffing envelopes, putting together print materials, etc), please be in touch. This could provide a valuable first experience of paid work for an up-and-coming employee. Enquiries can be directed to Michelle at

Jack of all Trades: We have young people interested in providing unskilled labour on a short-term basis, e.g. stacking wood, moving things for you, running errands. If you have a small job, please be in touch with Open Sky. We would provide a Mentor along with a willing participant, to ensure that the work is accomplished to your specifications.