Open Sky Co-operative offers support to the community, to help all of us learn more about social, developmental and mental health challenges, the barriers faced by people with disabilities, their opportunities and gifts, as well as resources available that may assist. We educate in a variety of ways, including:

  • Public education workshops
  • Parent Support and Information Groups
  • Hosting inclusive community events
  • Partnering with groups and individuals on shared projects or initiatives
  • Accepting invitations for speaking engagements
  • Demonstrating and modeling inclusive and respectful relationships

Mental Health First Aid
We are certified as a trainer for Mental Health First Aid, an excellent 2-day program that equips members of the community to assist anyone experiencing a mental health problem. Contact us to find out when our next training session is!

Or, check out the Mental Health First Aid website – our trainings are listed there too.

If you would like Open Sky to work with you or your organization in these areas, please Contact Us.

If you would like to know about upcoming events, please check out our Facebook and/or twitter pages!