Seniors sharing the table

Seniors Sharing the Table is a partnership between the Sackville United Church and Open Sky Co-Operative, funded in part by a grant from the Government of Canada’s New Horizons for Seniors Program. The goal of Seniors Sharing the Table is to offer inspiring opportunities for engagement and connection in community.

  • Do you enjoy a cup of coffee or tea with new friends?
  • Would you take pride in growing your own vegetables, and then sharing in their harvest?
  • Does preparing a meal with your produce, together with friends from Open Sky, sound like something you would enjoy?

Then this opportunity may be just what you seek.
Participants will work alongside adults from Open Sky, a community-based farm that provides transitional support for adults who experience barriers due to disabilities such as Autism and other mental health challenges. This is an opportunity for you to bring the wealth of experience you carry, and help bridge the gap between generations and lifestyles, and build a strong community that lifts us all up together!

Starting September, Seniors Sharing the Table with take place at the Sackville United Church with the Community Kitchen portion of the project taking place at the farm.

If you are interested in coming by and volunteering, contact us or visit our Facebook page and we would be more than happy to have you along and to put your generosity and talents to good use.

Call (506) 536-0498 for more information. There is room at the table for everyone!