Wow, it’s September already!

Posted by on Sep 4, 2013 | Comments Off on Wow, it’s September already!

It seems like the summer was just starting, and already the winds are blowing cooler air, and the shadows are lengthening!

We miss our summer students, Sam and Katey, who have recommenced their studies at Mount Allison University. It sure seems quieter around here without them!

With September, it is actually still quite busy in our gardens. There is still much to pick, there are new beds to prep (for the winter greenhouse gardening season!) and the weeds continue to be relentless!

Tomatoes, melons and eggplants seem to be bursting from our greenhouse. The kale and chard are sweetening in the autumn air. And the apples and grapes will soon be ready for some juicy pickings too.

It’s not too late for volunteers to enlist, and work with Norm in this poignant season of satisfaction. You are very welcome at Open Sky!