Volunteer Day!

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Thursday July 4th, 2013

Today we have a volunteer orientation for anyone who wants to come by and help out! We hope to be able to fit volunteers with their interests and skills to make sure we can make the best out of their experience here. To have the extra hands not only on the farm but around to help with some household repairs or building projects and maybe we will find someone who loves to do a bit of paper and computer work, will help greatly and allow us to do more activities knowing that projects are being completed.  It will also be great to have people who may have other skills that can be taught to participants such as painting, drawing, crafts, knot tying, or music. We are always thinking of different ways to incorporate learning into our programs and having possibly a new group of volunteers will allow us to be able to do these things.

We are also working on the turkey trackor today and maybe even finishing it. This work in progress is a large seven foot high coop that is able to become mobile when we need to move the turkeys. Inside there is 3 foot high roosting posts so they can happily rest and roost when they need to. This has turned into a great project and it is amazing seeing it come together under the shade of the trees in the yard.