We offer programs in 3 areas:

  • Residential support;
  • Day programs for local adults;
  • Workshops for the wider community.

Transitional Residential Support: We welcome up to 2 adults in our farmhouse, providing a comfortable atmosphere for community living. Each person has their own bedroom, and participates in all aspects of living in our historic farmhouse. We have staff who support each resident to achieve their best level of skill in cooking, cleaning, self-care, getting along together and maintaining a balanced life. Everyone takes a turn with household responsibilities, and also participates in work teams outside of the home – gardening, farming, grounds keeping, animal care, etc. We also ensure a balance of social and recreational activities all week long!

Therapeutic Agriculture and Gardening: We have year-round opportunities for people who live in the nearby community to come on a daily basis for programming at Open Sky. We do seasonal gardening and farming, and year-round greenhouse gardening. We also have opportunities to learn and work in animal and poultry care, small carpentry and repair projects, lawn management, indoor cooking and food processing activities, vegetable marketing, life skills workshops and social/recreational activities. If you are interested in these, please Contact Us by email or phone.

Community Education: Open Sky Co-operative offers support to the community, to help all of us learn more about the causes and effects of, and treatments for, social, development or mental health challenges. We also enable understandings about the barriers that prevent the participation of persons with disabilities in their community life, and about the support services available to persons suffering from such disabilities. We do this in a variety of ways:

  • By hosting community inclusive social events;
  • By inviting groups and individuals to visit us at Open Sky;
  • By accepting invitations to speaking engagements;
  • By demonstrating and modeling different ways of being in relationships together, so that all are respected and included.
  • By offering Mental Health First Aid Certification Training, several times throughout the year.

If you would like Open Sky to work with you or your organization in these areas, please Contact Us.