Residential Program

Open Sky Welcome Front Door

Open Sky Welcome Front Door

We provide residential support to adults who face barriers due to social, developmental or mental health challenges.

We welcome up to 2 adults in our farmhouse, providing a comfortable atmosphere for community living. Each person has their own bedroom, and participates in all aspects of living in our rambling historic farmhouse. We have staff and volunteers who support each resident to achieve their best level of skill in cooking, cleaning, self-care, getting along together and maintaining a balanced life. Everyone takes a turn with household responsibilities, and also participates in work teams outside of the home – gardening, farming, groundskeeping, animal care, etc. We also ensure a balance of social and recreational activities all week long!

Admissions Process 

We can accept up to 2 residents at our farm.

Candidates considered for full time living at Open Sky

– Are adults over the age of 18

– Live with mild social, developmental, and/or mental health challenges

– Are interested in and capable of living in community with other adults

– Would benefit from some structure and support in residential and daily work environment

– Have indicated an interest in farming and/or gardening

– Have sustainable financial support to cover accommodations, meals and basic program costs (depending on level of support/program required)

– Are physically able to work on the farm

– Do not suffer from allergies or medical conditions that would make living in a rural setting, or in an old house difficult (hay, dust, animal dander, for example)

Volunteers in the kitchen

Volunteers in the kitchen

– Do not live with phobias or aversions that would make living on a farm uncomfortable (such as discomfort with spiders or dirt)

– Do not require 24 hours per day supervision

– Are not at risk to harm self or others

– Are willing and able to follow simple instructions

Open Sky is not meant for emergency referrals, nor is it suitable for those with the potential for violence, those with untreated mental illness or those presently abusing substances (drugs and alcohol).

Open Sky reserves the right to turn down any application.

A potential resident who applies to or is referred to Open Sky will receive an application form to be completed and returned.  If the above conditions are met, the applicant will meet with our admissions committee at least once at the farm. Whilst not a “formal” interview, the meeting is to ensure that the resident will be comfortable at Open Sky and that the admissions committee thinks the resident will fit in well. It may be that there are several visits before a decision is made.

If the resident is accepted, the financial arrangement is worked out and an agreement is signed which states the fees and payment schedule. A month’s fees will be required upon acceptance.

If you would like to receive an admissions form, please contact Open Sky Co-operative Ltd., and we will send you one.