Assessment services – transition skills for adults

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Transitioning to Independence and Employment for Adults who Experience Barriers

Open Sky recognizes that some adults experience difficulties achieving independent living and employment, due to disabilities and/or mental health challenges. Often, these challenges are not well-understood and were not well-supported during regular schooling. Through proper assessment and practical, strategic skills-building, Open Sky is meeting this gap in supports in our rural area, so that these adults can achieve meaningful and fulfilling lives.

The Assessment Process:

Using tools developed for people with autism (TEACCH), as well as the principles, understandings and well-established practices of Speech-Language Pathology, Open Sky is able to provide an assessment that is likely new to these adults. Through the assessment of vocational behaviours and communication, independent functioning, functional communication, interpersonal behaviour and leisure skills, we are able to more clearly identify practical areas of strength and weakness, to guide a relevant and effective training program leading toward more independent living.

The assessment takes place over one full day, and includes observation of the client in various situations at our organic farm (animal chores, gardening, food prep, cleaning), as well as within a controlled environment of measured tasks. Open Sky staff carry out the assessment activities, paying particular attention to different learning styles, communication needs and ‘executive functioning’. S-LP Specialist, Susan Summerby-Murray (who is licensed in Nova Scotia and New Brunswick) uses these results, along with other gathered information, to craft a comprehensive written report that includes the following: background/history; medications; skills strengths and challenges in areas of leisure, independence and vocational skills; recommended learning goals; structures and strategies for relevant learning programs; some suggested activities and motivators for most effective learning and progress.

Open Sky has skilled staff to work with assessment findings, and will create individualized programs so that targeted skills can be learned.

For more information, please contact:

Margaret Tusz-King, B.Sc.(Pharm), M.Ed.              or            Michelle Melanson BA, BBA

Executive Director                                                                           Program Coordinator


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